Yew Chung International School

Content, Interactives



Celebrate Yew Chung and Yew Wah International School group 85th anniversary with interactive milestone projection.



  • Creative strategy
  • Software development
  • Hardware consultancy & rental
  • Installation
  • Onsite Support



The school group has a long history in education. A long interactive projection wall can spice up and enhance the historical presentation.



Working with the renowned international school group rooted in China, Grain and Pixel is proud to present the interactive projection wall. Alongside information day, brand building was important to the group. To bring the great history to life, a 6x3m projection wall was set up. When guests walked along the wall and detected by motion sensor, the projection would change from screensaver to animated milestone one by one. This could provide the surprise to guests that they could not see the milestone until they entered the zone.


Same user journey had been adopted in four cities in China and hundreds of parents had interacted with the projection. Great success had been achieved. This was also a smooth cooperation between our Hong Kong and China teams.