To create a fun and memorable, yet never been done before, experience for PwC’s partners who has seen lots of activations with latest technology.



  • Software development
  • Hardware consultancy & supply
  • Housing consultancy
  • Installation
  • Onsite Support


With the umbrella theme of Expecting the Unexpected, we created 2 experiences that require attendees to participate before seeing the final visual.

  1. Hologram:

In a dark room, user interacted with screen effect while video was being captured. Outside of the dark room, a hologram case was setup to display the video. The video was also sent to user’s email automatically, and user could view the hologram video through mobile with a portable hologram case.

  1. AR photo booth with green screen

In front of a green screen, user chose a background and hold a picture card in front of the camera to generate AR effect. The photo was sent to user’s email automatically and also posted on the video wall nearby.